VfL brand values and policy

Mission: What do we want to achieve together?

We take a holistic approach to football in order to establish ourselves long-term at the top of the European game.

Values: What’s our identity? What do we stand for? Here are the principles we want to strive for on a daily basis:

  • Sustainability – we’re not interested in short-term successes or partnerships. We want them to grow organically. We take care to consider the environment when going about our daily business.
  • Success – we’ll do anything for the success of the team and our dreams of the title.
  • Passion – we cheer and celebrate with the team and our fans. Emotion is part of the job. This is no regular 9 to 5.
  • Team spirit – every employee is part of the VfL family. Just like out on the pitch, we fight together for the success of the team.
  • The bigger picture – we work together with our parent company Volkswagen and make the most of our network. We want to develop football beyond the 90 minutes.
  • Innovation – as a young club in a young city, we’re always curious about new developments, always looking to the future.

All projects and activities we undertake on behalf of the club are inspired by these values!


Where and how are the VfL brand values in evidence?

  • Sustainability – we run the Arena in an environmentally-friendly way with green energy, always considering our surroundings in everyday office life. We invest in CSR campaigns and document them in our sustainability report. We also invest in the infrastructure of the club (youth academy, football school) and our women’s team won the treble in 2013.
  • Success – we’ve been a part of the Bundesliga for 15 consecutive years since our promotion. We’ve won the title, the DFB Cup, competed in the UEFA Champions League and won various youth and women’s competitions.
  • Passion – we work at the stadium, supporting the team in every match. We produce and sell products for the team and our fans. We live through all the successes and all the setbacks with the fans, our employees, our sponsors, our city and the entire region.
  • Team spirit – we support each other in everything we do, working together on and off the pitch as a part of the wider team.
  • The bigger picture – football isn’t just a game played over 90 minutes. Success needs the right infrastructures in place (stadium, offices, training ground, youth academy, business, IT, etc.).
    Football is more than just a game: Bundesliga, youth, women, fans, clubs, social life, city and Volkswagen – it’s just about everything.
  • Innovation – like our city and our parent company Volkswagen, we’re young and innovative. We were the first Bundesliga club to use hybrid turf technology, to invest in a dual TV production for international sponsors, to make use of crowdfunding for new merchandise, to invest in procurement, branding, fan offerings (Halle09/Club45, VfL-Fußballwelt), CSR (VfL-Wiki), VfL clubs and a modern ticketing system.