Getting there

Volkswagen Arena and AOK Stadion location

For a magnified view of the stadium map, please click on the image above or here.


Volkswagen Arena

In den Allerwiesen 1
38446 Wolfsburg

AOK Stadion
Allerpark 2
38448 Wolfsburg

Our contacts

Der Fanbeauftragte Carsten sitzt im VfL Wolfsburg-Trikot auf einer Treppe.
Carsten Krystek

Arrival by train

Exiting the train

A wheelchair lifting device can be used to help passengers enter and exit the train on all platforms. You can access the station concourse via the lifts located on the platforms.

Service staff are available to assist passengers from Monday to Sunday between 6am and 10:30pm local time.

Tactile paving

  • Textured tiles from the platforms to the lifts and stairways

Mobility service centre

Calls from a German landline cost 20 cents a minute and up to 60 cents a minute from mobile phones. Faxes cost 14 cents a minute from landlines and up to 42 cents a minute from mobile devices.

Opening hours:

  • Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm

  • 8am to 4pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

  • Available over the phone every day from 6am to 10pm

Phone: +49 (0)1806-512512
Fax: +49 (0)1805-159357

Who to contact at DB if assistance is required at short notice

3-S-Zentrale Braunschweig

Who to contact on-site

  • Travel centre located in the station concourse

Disabled toilets

  • One disabled toilet in the station concourse

  • Round-the-clock access via Euro key

Taxi rank location

  • Immediately adjacent to the station exit, in front of the Park and Ride site on Willy-Brandt-Platz

Book a taxi

Onward travel by public transport

Bus services

From the central bus station (Stop 6; approx. 250 metres from the central train station)

  • 201 bus towards Nordfriedhof/Kästorf

  • 202 bus towards Wendschott, disembarking at Schloss (wheelchair- accessible) or

  • Autostadt (not wheelchair-accessible).

Special features

  • Mostly low-floor buses with folding ramps (not shown in timetable)

  • Low-floor buses can be booked 24 hours in advance via the control centre

  • Phone: +49 (0)5361-189327

Getting from the bus stop to the stadium

  • From Schloss: Step-free route to the Volkswagen Arena via the fire brigade access road 

  • From Autostadt: Stadium only accessible via stairs

Arrival by car

Via A2 autobahn

  • Leave the A2 at the Wolfsburg/Königslutter intersection and head onto the A39 autobahn towards Wolfsburg / Leave the A39 at Wolfsburg West and head onto the Heinrich-Nordhoff-Straße towards Wolfsburg, Autostadt / Turn left at the Berliner Ring towards Vorsfelde / Cross the Berliner Brücke, then turn right towards the P1, P2 and P Ost car parks

  • Enter “In den Allerwiesen” into your Navigation System

  • For the Allerpark car park: Follow the Berliner Ring until the B188, then turn right onto the B188. The car park is signposted

Arriving from the East/West

  • Take the B188 to the Allerpark car park / Follow the B188 towards Wolfsburg Vorsfelde. The car parks are signposted

Disabled parking

Number and location of disabled parking spaces

  • 125 parking spaces, including 80 for wheelchair users at P Ost. The remaining parking spaces at P1 and P2 are subject to availability

  • 15 further parking spaces at Allerpark car park

Disabled parking permit

A special parking permit is required for wheelchair parking spaces at P Ost, P1 and P2. This can be requested on presentation of a disabled person’s card when purchasing tickets.

Price for all-day parking permit

  • As of a degree of disability of 50 per cent: 20 euros

  • As of a degree of disability of 80 per cent: 10 euros

Accessing the stadium

  • Wheelchair parking spaces at P Ost are at the Volkswagen Arena itself. P1 and P3 are approximately three minutes from the stadium, Allerpark is approximately five minutes away

  • The Volkswagen Arena and its entrances are signposted

  • The route to the stadium is wheelchair-accessible

  • Click here for more information about the Entrance to AOK Stadion