Volkswagen Arena

Information for disabled fans

The Volkswagen Arena - layout and location

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Volkswagen Arena
In den Allerwiesen 1
38446 Wolfsburg

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Der Fanbeauftragte Carsten sitzt im VfL Wolfsburg-Trikot auf einer Treppe.
Carsten Krystek

Wheelchair user spaces

Number and location of wheelchair user spaces

  • 80 spaces (including 8 for away fans) in the front row of the East Stand

  • 7 VIP wheelchair user spaces in the business area


Prices for wheelchair users

  • Additional charge for high-category matches

  • €6 including carer

  • VIP wheelchair user spaces: €230 including carer

More Info on ticket prices

Entrance for wheelchair users

Fans reach the wheelchair spaces via two ramps at marathon gates 2 in the northeast (block ROL 1) and 3 in the southeast (block ROL 2).

The VIP wheelchair spaces are accessed via the VIP entrance using the lift in the business area (first floor). 

Seating for carers

  • Directly behind each wheelchair space

Features of the wheelchair spaces

  • Undercover but no rain protection

  • Power connectors

Disabled toilets

Number and location of disabled toilets

There are a total of eight disabled toilets: two each at marathon gates 2 and 3 and one in the Flash Zone behind the VIP entrance. There are also two in the business area (first floor) plus one in the SKYLOUNGE, although these three toilets are only accessible with a corresponding ticket.

Further information

The toilets are open on matchdays. Entrance is controlled by stewards.

Visually impaired spaces

Number and location of visually impaired spaces

  • 16 seats in block A of the Main Stand

Prices for visually impaired fans

  • Additional charge for high-category matches

  • €13 including carer

Entrance for visually impaired fans

  • Wölfikurve at the south end of the Volkswagen Arena

Seating for carers

  • In the row behind

Features of the visually impaired spaces

  • 16 headsets with commentary

Headsets are given out and collected at the seats by the reporter for the visually impaired.

Seats for hearing-impaired fans

  • 32 seats (including sign language interpreter) in Block 26 in the East Stand

Ticket prices for hearing-impaired fans

  • Additional cost to be added for top matches

  • €6 including carer

Entry for hearing-impaired fans

  • East Stand of Volkswagen Arena

Other disabled spaces

Number and location of other disabled spaces

  • Unlimited

  • Discount for severely disabled people in seating categories A, B, C, D and F as well as standing category G

  • Location dependent on category

Entrance to stadium

  • Accessible entrance via lifts on the Main Stand and East Stand sides

Prices of other disabled spaces

  • Match tickets are divided into four categories, according to the fixture

More Info on ticket prices

Special facilities for disabled fans

Important information for wheelchair users

Please direct enquiries regarding parking permits on matchdays at the Volkswagen Arena to the Service Center. For a parking permit to be issued, the ‘aG’ mark on the disabled person’s pass must be verified (possession of the ‘blue’ parking badge does not entitle the holder to park on the stadium grounds).

Several power connectors are available in the wheelchair users’ area, so that electric blankets or seat cushions, for example, can be connected. Please note that electric blankets should not be directly exposed to the weather conditions as they are not usually certified for outdoor use.

Accessible arena tour

It’s not just at home matches that VfL Wolfsburg consider the needs of their disabled fans. For groups of at least 15 people (or a minimum cost of €105), we offer an accessible tour seven days a week from 9am to 5pm. Please note that advance booking is required and that disabled passes must be presented.

  • Duration: approx. 90 minutes

  • Meeting point: Foyer of the VfL-FußballWelt

  • Start times: Mon-Sat 9am-5pm (other times can be arranged on request)

  • Price: €7 adults, €5 children

  • Please send us an Email for more booking information: or call +49 (0)5361-8903903