The Wolves on the virtual pitch

In the coming season, VfL Wolfsburg will be fielding the two talents Benedikt "BeneCR7x" Bauer and Fabio "wob_fabio" Immerthal as e-sports professionals. These two young players are particularly distinguished by their unsurpassed professionalism in the field of digital soccer, which they have been able to demonstrate impressively in recent years. The return of Benedikt "BeneCR7x" Bauer welcomes a familiar face to Wolfsburg and Fabio "wob_fabio" Immerthal, who continues to be regarded as an absolute top talent, has extended his contract with the Wolves by another year.


Furthermore, the creative duo of streamers and content creators, Abdallah "Faro" Farah and Maximilian "MaxMalle" Matthes, use their unique entertainment on the VfL Wolfsburg channels to convey the most important topics in e-sports around VfL in an entertaining way.


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