AOK Stadion

Information for disabled fans

The AOK Stadion – layout and location

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AOK Stadion
Allerpark 2
38448 Wolfsburg

Our contacts

Die Fanbeauftragte Petra sitzt im VfL Wolfsburg-Trikot auf einer Treppe.
Petra Biallowons
Fan liaison for women's football

+49 172 10 37 539

Wheelchair user spaces

Number and location of wheelchair user spaces

  • 21 spaces (including two for away fans)

Prices for wheelchair users

  • Additional charge for high-category matches

  • €3 including carer


Entrance for wheelchair users

Fans reach the wheelchair spaces via entrances W1 and W2.

Seating for carers

  • Directly in front of each wheelchair space

Features of wheelchair spaces

  • Under cover

Entrance to AOK Stadion

The “Plaza Brücke” bus stop in the Allerpark is located approximately 200 metres from the AOK Stadion’s main entrance.

The stadium can be accessed from the south (parking spaces Volkswagen Arena) via a wheelchair ramp.

Disabled toilets

Number and location of disabled toilets

There are two disabled toilets at the AOK Stadion, both of which are located in the VfL-Fußballwelt.

The toilets are accessible via a passageway between the wheelchair area and the VfL-Fußballwelt.


The toilets are open on matchdays. The entrance is controlled by stewards.

Other disabled spaces

Number and location of other disabled spaces

  • Unlimited

  • Location dependent on category

Prices of other disabled spaces

  • Concessions in all categories for fans with a disabled person’s card

Food and drink at the AOK Stadion

The refreshment stalls are wheelchair accessible.

Important information for fans accompanied by a carer

Disabled fans with a letter ‘B’ in their disability person’s card require an additional ticket for their carers to access the AOK Stadion. This ticket is free of charge.

For further information on ordering tickets, Volkswagen Arena parking and carer accompaniment, please contact the Service Center.