“VfL is home for me”

An interview with Joelle Wedemeyer on reaching 100 Bundesliga games for VfL Women, the competition for places and the upcoming match against Freiburg.

VfL Women’s match against FC Bayern Munich last weekend was also the 100th Bundesliga appearance in a Wolfsburg shirt for Joelle Wedemeyer, who has been part of the She-Wolves’ first-team squad since 2013. In this interview, the 27-year-old discusses VfL, the situation in the table and next opponents SC Freiburg. 

Joelle Wedemeyer, you’ve now played 100 Bundesliga games for VfL – congratulations! Do you sometimes wonder where the time has gone?

Joelle Wedemeyer: “Yes, of course I do that. Last year in particular seemed to go quickly because we had so many highlights. But obviously, 100 games is quite something at such a big and professional club.”

You’ve often committed yourself to VfL and signed contract extensions. How come you’ve kept embracing the competition for places at the club?

Joelle: “VfL has become home for me over the years. There’s also the fact my private circle is here, which is extremely nice. I aspired to establish myself at a high level, which is better than maybe playing all the time at another club but being unable to develop myself in the best way. That’s why VfL has always been the best option for me.”

You’re currently a point behind Bayern Munich in the table. Does that make you even more determined to win the last four league games of this year and the cup match against Werder Bremen?

Joelle: “That would’ve been our target irrespective of the Bayern match. Even so, after that defeat, we’re more determined than ever to win all those matches.”

What do you make of your next opponents, SC Freiburg?

Joelle: “Freiburg have produced good performances and good results against the big teams and potentially good opponents. On the other hand, they’ve drawn and lost against the likes of Essen and Nürnberg. In any case, we have to be prepared for a team who have a lot of pace and creativity in their game. The task for us is clear, though – to get the three points.”