Staying Ahead in Tomorrow's Internet

VfL Releases First Bundesliga Whitepaper on Web3 Strategy

Eine Grafik für einen Whitepaper des VfL Wolfsburg.

The internet is no longer what it used to be. In its early days, known retrospectively as Web1, users could only consume information. The ability to produce their own content marked Web2. Now, the era of Web3 has been reached. This "new" version of the internet, using various technologies such as blockchain, aims for development beyond just reading and writing, to owning information. How VfL Wolfsburg stands on current trends and developments of this kind, and what action options it sees for itself, has now been put into a comprehensive, joint whitepaper - a whitepaper on the strategy in Web3.

Growing Influence of Digital Worlds

Setting standards in the field of innovation is an endeavor that Green-White has often put into action. Be it the installation of a professional E-Sports team, the establishment of various NFT partnerships or presence in the largest decentralized metaverse Decentraland. The Wolves continue to pursue the high standard of being pioneers rather than followers in their digital activities. In Web3, which is gaining increasing relevance with the continued spread of NFTs and metaverses, the club benefits from the aforementioned experiences. Together with renowned experts and partners such as Volkswagen, the German Football League (DFL), and Deloitte VfL has written a whitepaper with the intention to share its knowledge, provide orientation, and stay up-to-date digitally.

The paper addresses questions like:

  • What is the relevance of the internet's evolution for football clubs?
  • Why is Web3 important for VfL Wolfsburg from an innovation perspective?
  • How is the current Web3 market developing?
  • What are the so-called tipping points at which the "new" internet will become irreversible?
  • Why do Web3 projects fail?
  • What opportunities arise for football clubs?
  • What specific actions does VfL Wolfsburg want to take?

The answers to these and other questions are summarized in the 18-page whitepaper. Also included are exciting assessments on topics like Bitcoin, the idea of a Web3 consortium, or a blockchain-based loyalty program.

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