Aptiv new StrongHER partner

Joint commitment to project in the USA.

Betreuerinnen und Mädchen vom Projekt StrongHER lächeln in die Kamera.

VfL Wolfsburg Women have a new official partner in Aptiv. The global technology company with headquarters in Dublin has made it its mission to make the future of mobility safer, greener and more connected. The partnership will also see Aptiv support the StrongHer project, launched by VfL in the USA in March 2022 with the aim of reducing social disadvantages for girls and young women in sports and education and giving them access to football.

“Proud to be part of this important project”

“Empowering young women is crucial for an inclusive and equitable society, and that is what we want to support through our involvement with StrongHER,” emphasised Quan Van, Global Account Director VW Group at Aptiv. “Every person should have the opportunity to freely develop their talents and abilities - regardless of their gender, background and other factors. Through our partnership with StrongHER, we are helping to increase opportunities for young women and provide them with the resources they need to reach their full potential. We are proud to be part of this important project and to play a part in creating a better future for us all, together with VfL Wolfsburg and our other partners.”

“Inclusive and value-based partnership”

“We are pleased that we can continue to advance the StrongHER project together with Aptiv,” said VfL managing director Michael Meeske. “It’s important that young women are given the same opportunities and resources in sport and education as their male counterparts. The inclusive and value-based partnership between VfL Wolfsburg and Aptiv is sure to have a positive impact on the community. That’s why we can’t wait to launch and bring this important cooperation to life.”

Education the key factor

VfL Wolfsburg and Aptiv will also facilitate access to educational opportunities as part of the StrongHER project. Together with the other local project partners of the Chattanooga FC Foundation as well as Chattanooga State Community College, work is under way to provide additional support such as vocational training or personal development training.