Diversity Day

🌈⚽ “Because it doesn’t matter where you come from”

With this year’s slogan being “We are Team Diversity – because it doesn’t matter where you come from”, the Green-and-Whites are looking to take a particularly strong stance against racism and right-wing extremism. The diversity jerseys are a visible sign and will be part of the focus, with the Volkswagen logo featuring prominently in rainbow colours. The sleeve partners are also on board this year, with “Dermaroller – the original” (for the She-Wolves) and Linglong Tire (for the Wolves) adding colour to their logos for the diversity matchday. “Diversity is an indispensable criterion for success in football,” said VfL Managing Director Marcel Schäfer. “We don’t care where you come from or where you were born. Anyone who identifies with our aims and our values and who wants to play for VfL is part of the team. This is the basis that should apply to our society, and that is why at VfL, we take a clear stance against hatred, racism and right-wing extremism.”

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Every season, VfL Wolfsburg use one match day to really put the topic of diversity in the spotlight during both the men's and women's games. From the traditional captain's armband in rainbow colours to a variety of campaigns accompanying the home game experience, we offer fans plenty of opportunities to get to grips with the subject of diversity in a number of different ways.

Special Campaigns

With the Diversity Day, VfL Wolfsburg have put together a range of easily accessible options to start a discussion about differences and similarities. You could get the chance to step into someone else's shoes – how does it really feel to visit a home game in a wheelchair, for example? We also have special events, such as the inclusive matchday festival, and fans can also find out about what various VfL partners have to offer on match day as they get to know the different dimensions of diversity.

Pictures of the 2024 diversity campage