“Wow, no cow!” – VfL goes cow’s milk-free

Swedish company boosts sustainability drive at VfL Wolfsburg.

Turid Knaak (links) und Jill Roord (rechts) mit Oatly Haferdrinks in den Händen.

Oatly, a company based in the Swedish city of Malmö, has been appointed as VfL Wolfsburg’s new strategic partner with immediate effect and will support the Wolves in paving the way to a cow’s milk-free future. Oatly is known worldwide for its plant-based alternatives to milk, ice cream, cooking products and spreads, all of which are oat-based. As part of the club’s Race to Zero initiative, Oatly’s oat-based drinks will replace traditional cow’s milk beverages at VfL Wolfsburg from April 2022, as both parties look to set an important example, shed the spotlight on a more climate-friendly, sustainable way of eating and expand the range of plant-based products at the club. After all, oat drinks have a generally smaller climate impact than conventional cow's milk.

As a first step, VfL will replace pure cow’s milk with Oatly’s oat-based drinks on the Volkswagen Arena and AOK Stadium premises from April onwards. This applies to staff, team catering and matchday catering, as well as Playce 97 and the Playce Lounge. The game against Arminia Bielefeld on 9 April will be the first opportunity for stadium goers to try the new products, which will be available to fans at no additional cost.

“A contribution to a more sustainable future”

“We’re delighted that we’ve been able to win over a company as inspiring as Oatly, whose products and values are an excellent match for our Wolves,” said VfL managing director Michael Meeske. “Through our ‘dairy-free VfL’ campaign, we’re both setting an important example of how easy it can be to make a small contribution to a more sustainable future. Our fans and partners can look forward to exciting projects with Oatly and we’re excited about progressing side-by-side in the coming years.”

“Important message to the football world”

Oatly’s general manager Helge Weitz shares Meeske’s enthusiasm. “Alongside VfL Wolfsburg, we want to draw attention to sustainable nutrition,” he said. “We’re thrilled that the club has decided to make not only the stadiums dairy-free, but the teams as well. This sends an important message to the football world and the general public. Following in the footsteps of SV Babelsberg 03, a Bundesliga club has now finally committed to a more climate-friendly diet without cow's milk, which makes us particularly proud.”