“Welcomed with open arms”

Sveindis Jonsdottir reflects on her first few weeks at VfL Wolfsburg.

The term ‘new signing’ doesn’t officially apply to Sveindis Jonsdottir. After all, the Icelandic forward has been a She-Wolves player since 1 January 2021, but she only joined up with the VfL squad last December following the end of the domestic season in Sweden and her loan deal with Kristianstads DFF.

Jonsdottir may not have been eligible to play for the club before the winter break, but her early arrival helped her settle in and complete all the formalities in a timely fashion, enabling the 13-time Iceland international to direct her full focus on football matters once training resumed. The 20-year-old made her FLYERALARM Women’s Bundesliga bow in the 3-0 away win at 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam – reason enough to chat with her about her debut and her start to life in Wolfsburg.

Sveindis Jonsdottir, you nearly scored on your Bundesliga debut in Potsdam. Did your frustration at not finding the net outweigh your joy at getting the three points?

Sveindis Jonsdottir: “It was a bit of both, if I’m honest. Of course, it would have been great to score in my first league match for VfL, but I’ll save my first goal for another game. I was obviously really pleased to get the win, though. It was a very important three points.”

You’ve played in Iceland and more recently in Sweden. How does the standard in the Women’s Bundesliga compare to your past experiences?

Sveindis: “The individual quality is much higher here – I think that’s the crucial point. There are just so many top players in the Women’s Bundesliga. With the best teams, almost every player is also an international, which isn’t the case in Iceland or Sweden. The standard in Germany is very high, no question.”

To what extent did arriving here in December help you?

Sveindis: “It helped me very much, in hindsight. Initially, I found moving to Wolfsburg right after the end of the Swedish season a bit stressful, but being welcomed with open arms here was just great. Everyone was so nice to me, which helped a lot when I came back after Christmas. I was not the new kid on the block anymore.”

You played on the right side of attack in the friendly against Frankfurt and in Potsdam, but you’ve also played as a centre-forward. What’s your preferred position?

Sveindis: “Yes, that’s right. I used to be a proper striker, but I’ve been playing on the right flank for the last two years. I really enjoy it because I think I can use my pace even more in that position than as a central striker. I love running up and down the wing and I’m very grateful to have Svenja Huth as my teammate – I can learn a lot from her in that position in particular.”

Teams in the bottom half of the table often adopt a very defensive approach against the supposed bigger teams. Being blessed with pace – one of your strengths – is certainly no disadvantage in that respect…

Sveindis: “I’ve already noticed that a lot of teams in the Women’s Bundesliga prioritise defensive organisation. For many teams, being organised at the back provides a foundation. If I can help us overcome those challenges with my pace, I’ll be delighted. Let’s just wait and see, though. In any case, I’m really looking forward to my first home game.”