Keeping in touch

VfL Wolfsburg provides AWO residential care home with tablets.

Reducing social contact and refraining from personal encounters are the two most important guidelines in slowing the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. This is particularly true for senior citizens, for whom COVID-19 is more likely to have serious consequences than it is for younger patients. VfL Wolfsburg has now provided the AWO residential care home in Wolfsburg with tablets, so that the residents can keep in touch with their loved ones via video calls.

First video call with She-Wolves pair

Several of the residents at the Wolfsburg institution have had a close affiliation with VfL for many years, and the ‘Goethe Wölfe’ official fan club is even based there. VfL Women players Anna Blässe and Lara Dickenmann are willing and regular visitors to the care home, and it was they who did the first video call with the new tablets – to the delight of fan club chairman Axel Viktor: “It’s great that Anna and Lara are standing by their older fans, especially in these difficult times!”

For Blässe, though, it’s a matter of course: “Lara and I have had a close relationship to the residents for a number of years, but at this difficult time it’s even more important that we think of the elderly and stay in visible contact with them. Thanks to the tablets, that’s now easy to do.”