“I’m at home here”

Lynn Wilms reflects on her challenging start at VfL Women.

It was not the start to life as a VfL Wolfsburg Women player that Lynn Wilms had hoped for. The 21-year-old, who joined the She-Wolves from FC Twente this summer, suffered a serious back injury during the Olympic Games in August, forcing her to turn her attention from making her VfL debut to returning to full fitness. In this interview, the defender talks about her tough time recovering at VfL’s training camp in Harsewinkel, the support of her “rehab buddy” and her first step back onto the pitch.

Lynn Wilms, when you were able to train with the ball for the first time at Elsterweg last week, it was clear to see how happy you were. How did you find your first training session?

Lynn Wilms: “It was just incredibly nice to be back on the pitch and feel the ball at my feet. It’s special when you can finally kick a ball again. It was just a great feeling. I’ve worked very long and hard for it.”

You seemed anything but happy during your first few days with the Green-and-Whites.

Lynn: “I wasn’t happy either. I came to Wolfsburg from the Olympics. Everything was so wonderful and exciting at the Olympics and then I fell into a deep hole because of the injury. That was very hard for me. The team picked me up, everyone was so sweet to me, but I was in pain and knew I wouldn’t be able to play for a long time.”

How have your teammates and the coaching staff supported you?

Lynn: “In the rehab group we support each other a lot. I always work with Alex Popp in the weights room – we’re rehab buddies. That helps me a lot. The coaches also ask me almost every day how I’m doing, and they’re very pleased with me that I’m able to train on the pitch again. That gives me a good feeling.”

Have you fully settled in Wolfsburg yet?

Lynn: “I’ve definitely settled in Wolfsburg but I’m not fully integrated in the team yet. That won’t happen until I can train and play properly, but I really like the city. I feel at home here.”

What are your goals in Wolfsburg now?

Lynn: “I can hardly wait for my debut of course, but first I want to train with the team and get some minutes under my belt. I want to show everyone what I can do. And even though these are very big goals: I’d like to win titles – the league, the cup and the Champions League.”

And how do you enjoy your private life?

Lynn: “I really like having a lot of people around me and hanging out with friends. I laugh a lot and make jokes, just to have fun. And I have a big dog – he’s my best friend.”