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Pavao Pervan on his contract extension, future plans and excitement for fresh impetus.

Pavao Pervan, Torwart vom VfL Wolfsburg, betritt aus dem Spielertunnel in die Volkswagen Arena.

The announcement of the one-year contract extension for Pavao Pervan should have delighted all VfL fans. After all, the 36-year-old is seen as the perfect back-up to first-choice goalkeeper Koen Casteels. It’s no coincidence that VfL sporting director Sebastian Schindzielorz praised “Pavo” for his reliability on the pitch but also his special standing in the team structure.

From the Wolves’ training camp in Almancil, the popular Austrian spoke to the press about…

… the timing of the extension: “The whole thing’s been discussed internally for a while, but we wanted to focus purely on football before the end of the year and the training camp.”

… plans beyond the term of the contract: “I just feel too good to say: In one year that’s it. I hope I stay fit so that I can perform and be of value to the team – in whatever role.”

… his future status within the goalkeeping pecking order: “At my age, you have to be honest with yourself and know that eventually the time will come when the club says: We want younger blood. For my part, I just try to influence what I can influence. I want to put pressure on and maintain my position for as long as possible.”


… the timeline for retirement: “To be honest, I don’t have a number in mind for when that time will come. I believe at some point there’ll be a situation where you realise it’s the right moment. And perhaps certain functions arise that you would like to fill, even though you might still be physically fit. That was the case with Marcel [Schäfer], when he retired in the USA. I think, from a physical point of view, he could’ve continued there but it probably felt like the right moment. I’m counting on it being the same for me.”

… possible options afterwards: “I’m interested in goalkeepers, so I’d like to work in the goalkeeping area and preferably be on the pitch every day because that’s where I can burn off the most energy. Whether it’s at youth or professional level, we’ll see. I think it's really interesting once you've experienced everything – just like [goalkeeping coach] Pascal [Formann]. But ultimately, like most people, I probably want to work as high up as possible, where there's a lot at stake and a certain amount of pressure. I like this pressure, I like the adrenaline rush, this working up to the weekend.”

… the upcoming switch from Koen Casteels to Kamil Grabara in the summer and new impulses: “I’m really looking forward to him and seeing what he’s like. We always have very, very good goalkeepers here at Wolfsburg – whether that’s Koen now or Grabara, who’s an emerging talent. Koen has obviously set the bar very high but I think that Kamil can fill his boots. Kamil can be sure of my support, as is true for Koen. Obviously I also want to put pressure on him as a sportsman because I know that will make him better, too.”