The 27-year-old She-Wolves striker has successfully launched a project for girls in her homeland.

Die VfL-Wolfsburg-Spielerin Ewa Pajor jubelt nach einem Tor.

She wants to promote women's football in her home country: Ewa Pajor, together with former Wolves player Agata Tarczynska, has launched an international football tournament for girls in her birthplace of Uniejow in Poland. The “Pajor & Tarczynska Visa Summer Cup” is already set to take place for the third time this summer, with two smaller winter tournaments having also been held, most recently at the end of December. The project is a matter close to the VfL striker's heart.


“We want to promote the development of women’s football in Poland. I think there’s a lot of potential there,” explains Pajor. The senior national team, who the 27-year-old captains, is working towards its first qualification for a major tournament after recently securing promotion to League A in the UEFA Women’s Nations League. To ensure that more talented players come through, Pajor not only supports the next generation as the face of the academy in her home town of Uniejow, but also as the founder of the “Pajor & Tarczynska Visa Summer Cup”. "Aga and I had the idea of developing a tournament for girls. We hope that this will enable us to take further steps forward,” she says.


Since the pair got the project off the ground two and a half years ago, it has gradually grown. Last summer, along with seven Polish girls’ teams, a side from VfL Wolfsburg travelled to Uniejow for the first time. Comprising players from the club’s U13 and U15 teams, it was put together specially for the tournament. “I was really pleased about that! I hope they come again this year,” says Pajor, who is also hoping that one or two other teams from abroad sign up for her tournament in 2024.


The competition in the summer lasts three days. “It’s very important to Aga and me that we’re there from the first day to the last and that the girls can talk to us,” adds the 27-year-old. Pajor and Tarczynska answer questions, sign autographs and watch the youngsters in action – a great experience for the striker: “That gives me renewed energy. As well as that, I still remember what it was like when I was young and had idols who I wanted to meet.” So far, eight teams have always participated in the tournament, but this year it should be 12 for the first time.