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Grafite, top striker and Bundesliga Champion, now International Brand Ambassador for VfL Wolfsburg.

He once took the Bundesliga by storm, created one of the greatest sensations in its history with the Wolves and at the height of his career scored a goal that was heard around the world: Grafite. The connection between the green-whites and the Brazilian international - who won 75 of 130 competitive matches for VfL Wolfsburg between 2007 and 2011 - has never been broken since his departure from Germany. Now, the 40-year-old is taking on an official role at VfL. Grafite will be the first International Brand Ambassador for VfL Wolfsburg.

Representative not only in Brazil

"The name Grafite still has an excellent sound in Wolfsburg and all of Germany. We have only recently experienced the enthusiasm it generated among the people when he came to visit us ten years after the championship. He is simply one of the striking faces of the greatest success in our club's history," said Michael Meeske, Managing Director of VfL Wolfsburg. "We are therefore delighted that we were able to get Grafite involved with us. He is just the perfect man to represent our club colors at special international events in Brazil, but also in China, the USA, and even here in Germany, thanks to his friendly manner and his history as a top-class Wolfsburg goal scorer.

"It's like putting the jersey back on"

Grafite, who has played for various clubs in Dubai, Qatar, and Brazil since his VfL days, ended his active career almost two years ago. He is currently working as an expert for the Brazilian TV station TV Globo. "It is a huge honor for me to take on this task. It almost feels like putting the VfL jersey back on," said the 2009 Bundesliga top scorer, adding: "I have always followed the progress of Wolfsburg closely since I left. It's just great that I can now be part of the club again.