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Best possible protection

VfL taking specific hygiene measures to protect from coronavirus ahead of home game against Leipzig.

The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has been a concern for people since the beginning of the year and has also led to certain events being cancelled in Germany, including the International Tourism Convention in Berlin and the Leipzig Book Fair. To enable football fans to follow the Wolves’ Bundesliga home match against RB Leipzig this coming Saturday 7 March (kick-off 15.30 CET) without undue concern and to make them feel safe when they are in the Volkswagen Arena, VfL Wolfsburg is implementing certain hygiene measures to reduce the risk of infection as much as possible.

No autograph sessions before or after the match

The autograph sessions that are regularly held in the Wölfi-Kurve and on the stage in front of the Nordkurve at home games and also after the match in the corporate area will not take place. The players, coaches and members of staff have also been instructed not to pose for selfies or give autographs to fans, so as to minimise the risk of infection on all sides. In addition, the cleaning staff will be cleaning and disinfecting high-traffic places, zones and objects (such as handrails and door handles) before, during and after the match more regularly than was previously the case. Furthermore, all VfL Wolfsburg-Fußball GmbH staff were informed last Monday about the main behaviours and hygiene measures to follow, based on the new policy of "a smile’s better than a handshake".

Of course VfL Wolfsburg is also aware that the risk of infection can only be minimised and not completely eliminated, which is why every individual is being required to adhere to the commonly accepted hygiene standards which are recommended during "habitual" flu periods, such as regular hand-washing, correct ways of coughing and sneezing, and keeping hands away from the face.

VfL measures to maximise protection against coronavirus

  • Cancellation of Saturday’s autograph sessions in the Wölfi-Kurve, the fan mile and the VIP area

  • Instructing players, coaches and staff to avoid selfies and autographs with fans

  • Employee information on the most important hygiene measures to be taken

  • Increased disinfection and cleaning of high-traffic areas at the Volkswagen Arena on Saturday

General hygiene measures and advice

  • Avoid shaking hands, hugging and kissing when saying hello and goodbye – "a smile’s better than a handshake"

  • Regular and effective hand-washing

  • Keep hands away from the face

  • Correct sneezing and coughing, i.e. into the crook of the elbow, maintaining a distance from other people and turning away from them

  • Cover wounds and injuries with plasters or similar

  • Maintain cleanliness at home

  • Air rooms regularly

  • Wash clothes and dishes with hot water

  • Anyone with symptoms such as fever or respiratory difficulties should not go to work, should avoid contact with risk groups and consult a doctor or the relevant health authority