All aboard the ‘ALS-Wölfe-Mobil’!

The Krzysztof Nowak Foundation is helping people with ALS.

Ein ALS-Erkrankter sitzt neben dem Stadionsprecher vom VfL Wolfsburg und Roy Präger im Rollstuhl. Sie stehen an der Seitenlinie in der Volkswagen Arena.

Taking the family on holiday into the mountains or to the sea is something that many Wolves fans take for granted – but for people with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), the challenges involved are often impossible to overcome. “When I personally got to experience that feeling of vitality and mobility while on holiday, I had the idea of helping other ALS patients do so too – so I contacted [VfL ambassador] Roy Präger,” said Krzysztof Nowak Foundation spokesperson Philipp Hanf, who has ALS himself.

This is where VfL Wolfsburg come in. Through the Krzysztof Nowak Foundation, ALS patients will be able to book the ‘ALS-Wölfe-Mobil’ – a specially converted Volkswagen Caddy equipped with an all-terrain electric outdoor wheelchair, manufactured by Permobil. The caddy and wheelchair offer ALS patients and their relatives a new quality of life – temporarily at least – with all costs paid by the foundation.

“Facilitates social engagement”
“I’m pleased that we’ve finally got this project off the ground and can introduce the ALS-Wölfe-Mobil,” said Präger. “It gives people a completely new way of getting around and facilitates social engagement for those affected by this terrible disease.” After spending 18 months working out how to implement the idea, Präger and Hanf were delighted to be able to present the ALS-Wölfe-Mobil at VfL’s home match against Borussia Mönchengladbach on Sunday.

Strong partners
Strong regional and international partners, including the Wolfsburg Hotz and Heitmann car dealership, the Wolfsburg-Mitte branch of the German Red Cross (DRK) as well as Swedish company Permobil, which developed the unique X850 wheelchair, have all played a role in helping set the ALS-Wölfe-Mobil’s wheels in motion. “For a healthy person, it’s impossible to imagine what it means to finally be independent again when out and about outdoors,” said Hanf. “We’re able to offer those moments of happiness through this project.”