Our VfL Forest

Together for the climate: since 2015 we have been planting trees in Wolfsburg’s urban forest every two years with our fans and players, as well as with the Lower Saxony State Forests (NFL) and our partner LSW Energie. 

More than 2,000 trees, including oaks, honeysuckle, blackthorn, hawthorn, and spindle trees have already been planted. In addition to a pure reforestation area (VfL Forest I), a small biotope for migrating birds (VfL Forest II) and a meadow in the middle of Wolfsburg’s urban forest (VfL Forest III) have been created over the course of this.

Coordinates:  52°23'35.1"N 10°46'30.7"E


Coordinates: 52°24'19.8"N 10°47'35.0"E


Coordinates: 52°23'00.5"N 10°46'11.7"E