“VfL power station” inaugurated

New functional building between the VfL-Center and the Volkswagen Arena now in operation.

Die Fassade des neuen Funktionsgebäude des VfL Wolfsburg.

On Thursday afternoon the new functional building at the VfL campus, which is to be called the “VfL Power Station”, was officially opened.

Shorter distances

Just in time for the start of the new Bundesliga season, the Wolves will profit from a new gym area, while the upper floor of the building, which has a total area of 750 square metres, also has space for the VfL scouting department. The gym, kitted out with artificial turf, will undoubtedly be particularly beneficial, and it has also direct access to the training pitch. As such, the distances between different areas are now shorter, while it will now be possible to conduct conditioning and football-specific warm-ups before training sessions, strength training and movement analyses. Furthermore, two “skill courts” expand the training possibilities, as they combine cardiovascular, muscle and brain training in a state-of-the-art way to hone cognitive and motor skills. The roof terrace provides a panoramic view of the training pitches, meaning improved video recordings and data collection of training sessions can now be made. A photovoltaic system will also produce electricity in an environmentally friendly way.

“Moves us forward as a club”

“We try to combine different strengths out on the pitch, and we’re doing that in other areas too,” said VfL managing director Marcel Schäfer. “Everyone involved is responsible for the fact that this great building, which moves us a long way forward as a club, has been built at a high-class level. We worked together as a team and everyone put their heart and soul into this project.”