Shopping with carbon transparency

VfL Wolfsburg enter partnership with climatech startup Yook.

Grafik zum Klimaschutz des VfL Wolfsburg.

With today being ‘World Environmental Education Day,’ the Wolves are setting new standards when it comes to CO2 transparency. In order to raise awareness of the issue of climate change, VfL will in future publish detailed CO2 information in cooperation with startup Yook when selling merchandise and tickets in the Wölfeshop. This integration of CO2 information in the online shop is intended to enable more sustainable consumption.

How much CO2 per product?

Anyone shopping in the Wölfeshop will now discover that driving to home matches by car produces an average of 9 kilograms of CO2, or that production and distribution of a fan scarf emits 5 kilograms of CO2. With one click during the checkout process, fans can directly offset the CO2 emissions of their purchases. This compensation is based on a combination of international forest protection and regional reforestation. For Nico Briskorn, head of corporate social responsibility at the Green-and-Whites, this is an ideal way to raise awareness of the issue of climate change: “You can't change what you don't know about. Therefore, we’re creating CO2 transparency and can take more targeted climate protection measures and make it possible for our fans to join in with just one click.”

Strong partner by their side

The carbon footprint software from the Hamburg-based startup Yook is linked to the VfL online shop via a digital interface, and always provides up-to-date figures on the carbon footprint of selected products and the journey to the respective match venues. Yook has developed a self-learning algorithm that intelligently links product, market and CO2 data, and automatically determines and visualises the carbon footprint of an order based on scientific principles.