First Team

"Not a request show"

The coaches' reactions following VfL’s 1-1 draw with Stuttgart.

Martin Schmidt: the Wolves head coach.

It was a 1-1 draw which both coaches could ultimately consider themselves satisfied with, as the new VfL coach and VfL’s Martin Schmidt unanimously agreed „The Bundesliga is not a request show.“ Whilst Schmidt was quite happy with his offensive players over the bulk of the 90 minutes, in spite of the wasted opportunities to make it 2-0, Korkut remarked on a vitally important away point for his men.

Tayfun Korkut: "Considering the situation the team find themselves in at the moment, we can consider ourselves satisfied with the performance and the point. We would like to have taken all three points and the chances to do so were there – but the Bundesliga is not a request show! We all know we have a tough road ahead of us. We were up against an opponent with a lot of individual quality and are happy to take the point. We now have a couple of days to work with the team in preparing for the next home game."

Martin Schmidt: "My analysis of the game is a split one. In the first-half, we saw a lot of what we had worked on during the past week. We took the lead, but the blemish on that first period is that we didn’t make use of our chances to make it 2-0. After the break, our opponents reacted well and put the pressure on. We struggled getting forward and had problems finding the next line of players. During that phase, there were a lot of half-way threatening set-pieces and one of them ended up in the net – which was a bit unfortunate in how it came about. However, we then showed a reaction and had chances through Dida, Yunus and Josh. On the whole, I am satisfied with the overall team performance. We showed what we wanted to show on the attack, with the exception of the 25-minute phase, when Stuttgart really did the job well. The Bundesliga is not a request show. In my opinion, four points from two games is OK. Now we need to pick ourselves up, analyse things and look forward to a cup-fight away to Schalke."