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Lasting connection

Felix Klaus: Rooted in his faith.

Stable foundations

Following his transfer from Hannover 96 to VfL Wolfsburg, Felix Klaus moved into a modern family home just 15 kilometres from the Volkswagen Arena with his wife Belinda and their golden retriever, Bronko, who has been with them since 2015. Their daughter, Bella, was born just a few months later and has been the light of their lives for the past 13 months.

Klaus is able to switch off completely in his new home and enjoys spending time with his family, having created stable foundations in his life. Felix and Belinda married last summer, and as young parents, there are obviously needs that must be met. Klaus draws strength from his faith and prays every evening, finding support and fortitude in God.

He does so not out of a desire to follow the latest trend, but out of conviction, having learned a great deal from his father, Fred, about religion. He still enjoys a close relationship with his parents and is grateful for everything they have given him. “They always supported me when I was a young player,” Klaus said.

Lord’s Prayer tattoo

Anyone who thinks Klaus is merely a shallow footballer or superficial person could not be further from the truth. And while the tattoos on his body might hint at a flair for fashion, that too proves to be wide of the mark when speaking to him. Klaus is a committed Christian, and in addition to having the Lord’s Prayer inked on his back alongside an image of Jesus with angel wings – a tattoo that took eight hours to complete – he has other Christian motifs tattooed on his body, including his first one, a cross.

The words “I fear God, everything else isn’t a problem” adorn Klaus’ right leg, while he also has tattoos of his parents’ initials and birthdays, the number 36 in honour of his first shirt as a professional, as well as the symbols for belief, love and hope. Although he does not go to church very often, he lives his life according to Christian values and regularly reads Bible passages.

Basic principles are important to Klaus: treating others as you would want to be treated, and the notion that doing good also rewards the giver. Whenever he takes to the pitch, he makes the sign of the cross and prays for his health. He also leans on his faith as a source of strength that gives him confidence and courage.