International break for VfL Women

Twelve She-Wolves are involved in Nations League fixtures, with another playing for one of her country’s youth teams.

VfL-Spielerin Kathrin Hendrich und Merle Frohms im Trikot der Deutschen Nationalmannschaft.

The next big date on the international calendar is coming round. The Google Pixel Women’s Bundesliga is taking a break, with a total of 12 She-Wolves heading off to take part in Matchdays 5 and 6 of the UEFA Women’s Nations League.

After these rounds of games, we will know which countries are still in the hunt for a spot at the 2024 Olympic Games, and which ones will be moving up or down a level.


Merle Frohms, Kathrin Hendrich, Marina Hegering, Jule Brand, Svenja Huth, Lena Lattwein and Alexandra Popp (Germany / League A, Group A3):

  • Friday 1 December, 20:30 CET, (H) Denmark
  • Tuesday 5 December, 19:30 CET, (A) Wales

Dominique Janssen, Lynn Wilms (Netherlands / League A, Group A1):

  • Friday 1 December, 20:45 CET, (A) England
  • Tuesday 5 December, 20:45 CET, (H) Belgium

Riola Xhemaili (Switzerland / League A, Group A4):

  • Friday 1 December, 20:00 CET, (H) Sweden
  • Tuesday 5 December, 19:00 CET, (A) Italy

Ewa Pajor (Poland / League B, Group B3):

  • Friday 1 December, 18:00 CET, (A) Ukraine
  • Tuesday 5 December, 19:00 CET, (H) Greece

Sara Agrez (Slovenia / League B, Group B4):

  • Friday 1 December, 18:00 CET, (H) Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Tuesday 5 December, 19:00 CET, (A) Czechia

Fenna Kalma (Netherlands U23)

  • Friday 1 December, 16:00 CET, Scotland
  • Monday 4 December, 13:00 CET, Sweden