"I'm extremely grateful"

Lena Oberdorf gives her thoughts ahead of her final game for VfL Women.

For Lena Oberdorf, VfL Wolfsburg Women's game against her former club SGS Essen on Monday 20 May (kick-off 15:30 CEST) will be her last outing as a She-Wolf, with the 22-year-old moving to league rivals Bayern Munich next season.

In an interview, Oberdorf reflected on four "absolutely wonderful years" in Wolfsburg and her affection for the team's fans.

Lena, on Monday you'll play your last game for VfL. How does that feel?

Lena Oberdorf: "Very emotional. I'm usually someone who always has their emotions under control, but over the last few days I've noticed that that's not the case. I'm leaving my second family that I've had for four years. It's become home here. I think the penny's only just starting to drop for me. I'm starting to clear my things out of my locker, and on Monday it's our last game. It's tough."

How do you look back at the last four years at VfL?

Oberdorf: "I'm extremely grateful for the time here. I came to Wolfsburg when I was 18 and I've realised that I've grown as a person and become more mature, both on and off the pitch. I had my first taste of European football here and reached the Champions League final twice. We lost both times, which obviously hurt, but they're fond memories too. I've enjoyed a lot of parties after cup victories and I've developed into an international that Germany can count on. As such, I'm extremely grateful to the club."

Overall, you won the DFB Cup four times and the league once here. Do you have a favourite title?

Oberdorf: "The 2-0 win over Bayern last week was obviously very emotional. But the best cup win for me was probably when we beat Frankfurt in 2021 because it was such a tight game. Almuth (Schult) was sent off, the game went to extra time and somehow after 118 minutes, Ewa (Pajor) managed to bear down on goal at full speed and put the ball in the back of the net. It was the craziest game I've ever experienced."

Is there anything you would like to say to the VfL fans?

Oberdorf: "I'm extremely grateful for the support they've given me, especially after my transfer was announced. I was on the receiving end of a lot of hate at the time, but I also got a lot of messages from fans who said 'we wish you only the best'. I'm so thankful for the support and love I've received at this club over the years."