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End-of-year gathering

There were 550 VfL Wolfsburg fans present at the Volkswagen Arena for the traditional end-of-year barrel fire.

On Friday evening, 550 Wolfsburg fans gathered under the Volkswagen Arena Nordkurve for the traditional barrel fire, a warm way to conclude an exciting year for the club.

Organised once again by the Supporters Wolfsburg group along with the Wolfsburg fan project and other official fan clubs, the event – which took place in a homely atmosphere around the fire, located under the stairways of the stand – brought supporters together to reflect on the year. Those in attendance enjoyed warm snacks and drinks, with younger fans as usual given free bread to bake in the barrel fire.

Delighted with the organisation and turnout, VfL legend and fan ambassador Holger Ballwanz said: "Everyone involved in organising the event made a real effort to create a little winter market here. There's everything you could want – they did a great job. Once again you have to give great praise to our fans."