First Team

Active visit

Visitors from the USA present donation to the ‘Krzysztof Nowak Stiftung’.

Visitors from the USA present donation to the ‘Krzysztof Nowak Stiftung’.

A cheque for the sum of 1,945 American Dollars for the ‘Krzysztof Nowak Stiftung’ was presented by US citizens Reed Farnsley and Edward Kirwan to VfL manager Dr. Tim Schumacher and club legend Roy Präger ahead of Saturday afternoon’s clash with FC Bayern Munich. Reed and Kirwan travelled together with Mexican national Giovanni Rosas as part of ‘Dream-Trips’, a Social-Media competition, to the game against the all-time record German title-holders. An unforgettable visit to their favourite club in Wolfsburg was the prize won by Reed and Rosas through public voting on Facebook and Twitter.

Donations for second place

Kirwan, a long-time Green-Whites fan and founder of the VfL fan-club in the USA, took second place in the voting stakes behind Farnsley, who then immediately set up a GoFundMe page for Kirwan. There the appeal was made to fans to make donations and send the runner-up to Wolfsburg. Kirwan didn’t want to keep the accumulated fee of 1,945 Dollars, but instead donate the amount to the ‘Krzysztof Nowak Stiftung’. Impressed by the kind gesture, VfL Wolfsburg extended an additional invitation to Kirwan.

Eventful programme

The small travelling group awaited a colourful programme of activities around the Green-Whites. There was a tour of the Volkswagen Arena, a visit to the VfL-FußballWelt and the Autostadt, a fitness-test in the professional team’s gym, as well as a meet and greet with VfL pros Ella Masar and John Anthony Brooks. The whole event left quite an impression on the three fans, just as the three VfL supporters left a lasting impression on the Wolves and general-manager Dr. Schumacher: „The effort made by Reed Farnsley and Edward Kirwan for the ‘Krzysztof Nowak Stiftung’ was really impressive. We are delighted that VfL Wolfsburg has such loyal fans in the USA too."