VfL Diversity Weeks

Whether it’s blind football, integration tournaments, training sessions for those with disabilities, or workshops on racism and discrimination, the VfL Diversity Weeks are all about showing diversity – on and off the pitch. Together with the city of Wolfsburg’s fan project and many project partners, VfL have been initiating inclusion and integration projects since the 2014/15 season, in the so-called VfL Diversity Weeks.

Numerous events

During these project weeks, VfL bring people of different origins and abilities together, facilitating participation and thus sending off a clear sign against racism, right-wing extremism, and discrimination. Our numerous inclusion and integration events are intended to raise awareness on the issues of tolerance, mutual respect, and open-mindedness, and they offer the opportunity to enter into a conversation where you can learn about different cultures and learn to appreciate the advantages of diversity.

The project days also serve to provide new “sports experiences,” partially through the participation in still fairly unknown inclusive sports, such as blind football or e-football (football in electric wheelchairs). This is also to increase the awareness of these sports, both among our partners and our fans.

Against intolerance

“It’s important that football deals with diversity and fulfils its socio-political responsibility. VfL Wolfsburg is setting an example for diversity and against intolerance. We’re in the public eye and taking advantage of the chance to actively promote meeting, participating, and integrating. The VfL Diversity Weeks always offer new topics with interesting content. Take up the offers and educate yourselves,” said Dr. Tim Schumacher, VfL Wolfsburg-Fußball GmbH’s Managing Director.

“VfL Wolfsburg is setting an example for diversity and against intolerance.”

- Dr. Tim Schumacher

Diversity as enrichment

In times of increasing intolerance towards others, the VfL Diversity Weeks send a signal that diversity is enriching, both for society as a whole and for football.

Would you like to learn more about the projects, or are you interested in participating as an initiative, association, or school? Then write to us and tell us about your commitments or ideas!

Photo galleries from the VfL Diversity Weeks