Climate protection


Delay was yesterday. The final straw was the special report issued by the World Climate Council in 2018 which highlighted the urgency of the situation: businesses, politics and civil society must act now, and together, to ideally limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. VfL has already shown the way. By signing the “Sports for Climate Action” climate protection agreement of the United Nations, VfL is the first European football club in top leagues to publicly commit to the systematic reduction of its CO2 emissions (see page 54). By becoming a signatory, the club pledges to make verifiable steps to achieve climate-neutral football.

Managing director Michael Meeske explains what this means:  “We need more than just a memorandum of understanding. We want to bring alive climate protection at the club authentically and honestly, and establish benchmarks for the whole league. This is important because we can only achieve the transition to CO2-free football if we work together. To do this, we need a clear and fair target, against which the contribution of the club and the sector as a whole can be measured.”