Climate Protection

We for climate – Together with our partners, we are committed to climate protection

After joining the Sports for Climate Action allegiance, we are the first football club in Europe’s top leagues to support the United Nations’ Race to Zero since 2020. With this clear commitment, we want to motivate people and institutions around the world to actively engage in protecting our climate. Our Race to Zero goals are ambitious. By 2025, we want to reduce all our greenhouse gas emissions – whether caused directly or indirectly by our activities as a football club – to net zero.

Bundesliga football games cause considerable environmental pollution and have a negative impact on the climate through harmful greenhouse gases. The Volkswagen Arena consumes energy for floodlights and lighting, as well as air conditioning. Water is needed in large quantities for sanitary facilities and for watering the pitch. When 30,000 fans eat and drink in the stadium during a game, mountains of waste are produced. Large amounts of CO2 are produced that pollute the environment through journeys made by fans, teams, staff, and journalists, some of whom travel long distances by car, bus, train, or even plane to watch VfL games live at the Volkswagen Arena. Our goal is to become an even greener club, step by step, in order to reduce the impact on the environment.

Together with partners, we are implementing climate protection measures to keep global warming below the critical limit of 1.5 degrees. It’s the eleventh hour, the earth is burning, and it’s a matter of nothing less than humanity’s greatest challenge.

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