Klaus Mohrs

Date of birth:

Place of birth:

Career in brief:

1972 - 1976:

Studies in sociology, psychology, education, social education, philosophy and political science in Koblenz


Educational Assistant at Schlüchtern youth club

1977 - 1980:

Social work with young people, head of the young people's home in Neuwied

1980 - 1990:

Children's social worker in Wolfsburg

1990 - 1999:

Head of the city of Wolfsburg's Youth Welfare Office

1999 - 2001:

Wolfsburg City Councillor

2001 - 2011:

Lead Wolfsburg City Councillor, permanent representative to the Lord Mayor in administrative affairs

Lord Mayor of the city of Wolfsburg

23.01.2012 - present:

Member of the VfL Wolfsburg supervisory board