Volkswagen Arena price list

Our VfL catering offer is well-rounded and leaves nothing to be desired: whether you would like something vegetarian, vegan, organic and/or regional, there is something for everyone! And if there isn’t quite the right fit, please let us know!
Quality isn’t just an empty phrase here either. VfL’s catering partner Aramark sets high standards and is only satisfied when the guests themselves are.
Here’s an example from the extensive range we offer:

Hot food and snacks

“Surf'n'Fries” French fries (small portion)€3.00
“Surf'n'Fries” French fries (large portion)€4.50
“Surf'n'Fries” Cheese and Onion€6.00
Sweet potato fries€3.50
Volkswagen Currywurst with bread bun€3.50
Bratwurst in a bread bun€3.20
Frikadelle in a bread bun€2.90
Schnitzel in a bread bun€4.00
Giant pretzel€3.50
Mars / Snickers / Twix€2.00
Muesli bar “Raw Bite”€3.00



Veltins Pils 0.5 l€4.30
Veltins Radler 0.5 l€4.30
Veltins Radler alcohol-free 0.5 l€4.30
Veltins Pils 0.3 l€3.10
Veltins Radler 0.3 l€3.10
Veltins Radler alcohol-free 0.3 l€3.10
Wine spritzer, white/rose 0.3 l€3.80
Coca-Cola 0.5 l€3.10 plus bottle deposit € 0.25
Coca-Cola Zero 0.5 l€3.10 plus bottle deposit € 0.25
Fanta 0.5 l€3.10 plus bottle deposit € 0.25
Sprite 0.5 l€3.10 plus bottle deposit € 0.25
Lift 0.5 l€3.10 plus bottle deposit € 0.25
mezzo mix 0.5 l€3.10 plus bottle deposit € 0.25
Coca-Cola 0.3 l€2.70
Coca-Cola Zero 0.3 l€2.70
Fanta 0.3 l€2.70
Sprite 0.3 l€2.70
Lift 0.3 l€2.70
mezzo mix 0.3 l€2.70
ViO Medium 0.5 l€3.50 plus bottle deposit € 0.25
ViO Medium 0.3 l€2.50
Coffee(13) 0.3 l€3.00
Tea 0.3 l€3.00
Hot chocolate(F, G) 0.3 l€3.50

You can find a list of the additives and allergens at the kiosk.

Offers can vary at individual stands. Accordingly, not every product listed here is available for purchase at every stand.