All your cards in one!

Since the beginning of 2013, visitors to the Volkswagen Arena can make use of the stadium’s cashless payment system, which gives supporters more time to focus on important things – such as the 90 minutes out on the pitch!

The three-in-one VfL Karte acts as a season ticket, valid payment method and membership ID. The card is equipped with a GeldKarte-Chip, which is commonly used throughout Germany and allows fans to make contactless payments.

Home and away supporters who do not own a VfL Karte can purchase food and drink inside the Volkswagen Arena using a VfL deposit card or any bank card that contains a GeldKarte-Chip.

Advantages at a glance

  • All-in-one card acts as season ticket, valid payment method and membership ID
  • Comfortable, cash-free and hygienic payment at the Volkswagen Arena
  • More enjoyable stadium experience through quicker payments and shorter waiting times.

Useable outside the Volkswagen Arena:

  • at over 420,000 outlets throughout Germany
  • at the VfL FanWelt in the City-Galerie Wolfsburg
  • at the Leverkusen, Mainz, Köln, Bremen and Ingolstadt stadiums

Topping up your card easily and effortlessly:

  • season ticket holders and club members can top up their VfL Karte from the comfort of their own home using our secure online payment system.
  • at the Volkswagen Arena
  • at the VfL FanWelt in the City-Galerie Wolfsburg

Cash, debit and credit card payments possible

Fans can continue to purchase items in our VfL fan shops using cash, debit or credit cards. Match tickets can also be purchased in this manner from the box office.

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