Sleeves up for a good cause

Around 180 Green-and-Whites took part in the “Tomorrow together” day for nine social projects in the region.

The “Tomorrow together” day saw VfL men’s and women’s players, staff, officials and coaches visit nine sites in the Wolfsburg region to lend a hand, repair, spruce things up or just make themselves useful. After 2013, 2016 and 2018, this was the fourth time that the CSR action day took place – and in its new form after the coronavirus pandemic, it was once again a complete success.

“Exciting and important day”

“The ‘Tomorrow together’ day is an exciting and important day for us, because it symbolises what football can achieve off the pitch and how it brings people together,” said VfL managing director Michael Meeske. “Furthermore, you can focus media attention on important topics and get things moving as a result.” As an example, Meeske, together with players Max Kruse, Kilian Fischer, Bartol Franjic and Paulo Otavio as well as Alexandra Popp and Jill Roord, got down to work at the Hof Tiervital in Bokelberge. In the project, which was carried out in cooperation with the Carpe Diem day centre, the Green-and-Whites repaired an old fence and built nesting boxes and an insect hotel.

Meanwhile, Niko Kovac’s first visit to a retirement home, namely the AWO retirement and care home in Wolfsburg, left him with mixed feelings. “On the one hand, I'm happy to be able to bring joy to the elderly. But on the other hand, some things are sad to see,” said the VfL head coach, who emphasised: “I think it's good that we as a club do something like this together with both teams and also the employees. We footballers lead a very privileged life. Some of the things you see here and at the other locations certainly make you reflect on how lucky we are.”