New board members added

The VfL supervisory board committee is getting two new members, Daniela Cavallo and Murat Aksel.

The VfL Wolfsburg-Fußball GmbH supervisory board committee now has five members. In addition to chairman Frank Witter, Hans Dieter Pötsch and Bernd Osterloh, the committee was expanded on 1 July to include the Chairperson of the General and Group Works Council of Volkswagen AG, Daniela Cavallo, and Murat Aksel, member of the Group Board and Brand Board of Volkswagen Pkw.

“Volkswagen AG and VfL Wolfsburg belong together!”

“Volkswagen AG and VfL Wolfsburg belong together, which is why we’re delighted that our relationship with the company and its staff is now being further strengthened by the commitment shown by Daniela Cavallo and Murat Aksel,” said Witter. “We’ve made important strategic moves in certain areas of the club and we’re looking forward to the new season together.”