Eine Reihe von Sammelkarten der Spielerinnen und Spieler des VfL Wolfsburg.

Wolves go digital with trading cards

Innovative partnership – VfL to become the first Bundesliga club to enter the world of NFT trading cards at Fanzone.

Eine Reihe von Sammelkarten der Spielerinnen und Spieler des VfL Wolfsburg.

The passion that football fans around the globe have for collecting memorabilia – be it autographs, jerseys or tickets – is almost as old as the game itself. VfL Wolfsburg is going to be tapping into this phenomenon in a totally new way. In conjunction with Berlin-based start-up Fanzone, the Green-and-Whites will be producing digital trading cards as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) featuring the men’s and women’s teams as well as various moments from the club’s history. Using innovative blockchain technology, all VfL fans will now be able to get their own limited-edition trading cards, and not only expand their collections but also trade them and even get access to special prizes that can be won via various challenges. This trend first saw the light of day in the USA, and now VfL is becoming the first Bundesliga outfit to tailor a solution to the club and its fans.

“Exciting and forward-thinking”

“NFT trading cards are a hot topic right now and have also aroused our interest in this increasingly digital world,” said VfL managing director Michael Meeske. “In our search for a suitable solution for VfL, it was important for us to find a partner that would focus on our fans and their interests, and this is exactly what Fanzone Media does. We are delighted to be the very first German professional football club to be signing a cooperation agreement with such an exciting and forward-thinking company.”

What are NFTs?

Fanzone will be producing and distributing the trading cards. By signing up for the www.fanzone.io platform or the start-up’s soon-to-be-launched app, fans can start their collections right away. Unlike with conventional analogue cards, each fan leaves an individual fingerprint, with blockchain technology creating limited-edition digital objects. These NFTs guarantee the authenticity, rarity and affiliation of the objects, making them digital works of art. Another advantage is that digital goods are permanently available via blockchain and exist independently of apps and app stores. The fans are therefore the actual owners of their collections of rare trading cards and can benefit from any increases in value.

"Grateful for the trust"

"We are delighted that VfL Wolfsburg – one of Germany’s biggest football clubs – has chosen to join our fan engagement platform, and we are grateful for the trust that VfL is showing us,” said Dirk Weyel, CEO of Fanzone Media. "We are convinced that new digital interaction formats between sports fans and their favourite teams are more relevant than ever and have a huge growth potential.”

More information on the exact launch of the first digital trading cards will follow soon.



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