Vodafone expands e-sports commitment

Technology and service provider to become official main partner of the E-Sport Wolves

VfL Wolfsburg is continuing to build for the future in the field of e-sports and is now set to receive additional support from Vodafone Deutschland, with the technology and service provider to become the new official main partner of the E-Sport Wolves. Vodafone Deutschland is one of a number of companies currently committed to VfL Wolfsburg’s e-sports, alongside CosmosDirekt, effect Energy Drink, Turtle Beach Inc. and UPS Deutschland. In Vodafone Deutschland, the Wolves will now get the benefit of another experienced main partner.

Predestined to promote e-sports

The Düsseldorf-based communications giant offers a whole range of innovative products and services, including landlines, mobile telephony, Internet and television, for both business and private customers. As a leading high-speed Internet specialist, Vodafone Deutschland was predestined to promote e-sports and is already well connected in the sector. In addition to its commitment to the Wolves, Vodafone is also a main sponsor of the Mousesports organisation and a premium partner of the Electronic Sports League. With this cooperation between the Green-Whites and their new main partner, fans of VfL e-sports can look forward to all sorts of new and innovative formats from the telecom company, focusing on the E-Sport Wolves Benedikt Saltzer, Timo Siep and David Bytheway.

'On the right track'

Back in 2015, VfL Wolfsburg became the first Bundesliga team to engage in e-sports and have since gone on to successfully implement electronic sports into the existing club structures, and this new agreement with Vodafone Deutschland is a further milestone in this regard.

"We are delighted that Vodafone is joining us now to help us in our mission to further develop e-sports at VfL Wolfsburg," said VfL Managing Director Dr. Tim Schumacher. "We have already devised a whole host of exciting projects together and are eagerly anticipating implementing and sharing them with our fans very soon. The commitment of a company like Vodafone is also a clear demonstration of how quickly e-sport is currently developing and shows us that we are already on the right track."

'Push forward with the fastest-growing sport'

"E-Sports without the Internet is like football without goals – high-speed networks are the core element of the sports of the future," said Gregor Gründgens, Director of Brand Marketing at Vodafone Deutschland. "As a gigabit company, our high-speed networks will turn players into winners. Our cooperation with the Wolves from VfL Wolfsburg is another example of how we are strengthening our commitment to e-sports. We look forward to pushing forward together with what is currently the fastest-growing sport."



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