Innenansicht der ausverkauften Volkswagen Arena.
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VfL joined “Sports for Climate Action”

Continued reduction in CO2 emissions since 2011; 1.5º C target in focus

Innenansicht der ausverkauften Volkswagen Arena.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Madrid provided VfL Wolfsburg with the opportunity to pledge their support to the UN in protecting the climate. By signing the UN “Sports for Climate Action”, the club underlines its ambition to play its active part in the global fight against climate change.

“At executive level, we have placed climate change alongside picking up Bundesliga points as a crucial element of our social and ecological behaviour,” said VfL Managing Director Michael Meeske. “We will work towards implementing effective measures to reduce CO2 emissions and to leverage the influence that we have in that respect. We are not going to just to talk about climate change at the club – we intend to live and breathe it.”

As part of its climate strategy, VfL Wolfsburg is currently verifying the development of science-based emissions-reduction targets. The objective is to make an appropriate contribution to limit global warming to 1.5º C no later than 2050. VfL will announce its targets in the coming year. The main topics for achieving the goals include mobility and heating consumption.

The Wolves set new standards in 2012 with a world-first sustainability report that adhered to criteria set out by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). As part of the report, CO2 reduction targets were set.

“A systematic approach to the subject of ecological sustainability is a characteristic that is unique to VfL in elite-level European football,” said Nico Briskorn, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility. “The assessment of the comprehensively evaluated carbon footprint every two years shows that many of the measures taken to reduce CO2 emissions are effective. The systematic switch to 100 per cent green power [in 2011], new constructions built in line with the latest energy efficiency standards and the conservation of natural resources through consistent use of LEDs, reusable materials and recycled paper are just a few examples. Now we’re taking the next big step forwards with the United Nations.”

Schriftzug "Sports for Climate Action - We joined!" Im Hintergrund das gefüllte Stadion des VfL Wolfbsurg.

The UN Climate Change will be an important future platform for VfL in the development of a holistic climate protection agenda in sport and in the fight against CO2 emissions.

The United Nations require sports organizations in the ‘Sports for Climate Action’ framework to take a clear stance in the global battle for climate protection. The signatories commit to systematically reducing their CO2 emissions, as well as to creating awareness of the subject among their target audience.

“Football is such a powerful tool to inspire society at large,” said Lindita Xhaferi Salihu, Sports for Climate Action lead at the UN Climate Change. “We welcome VfL Wolfsburg to Sports for Climate Action movement and we hope that their commitment  will inspire other clubs around the globe to join ambitious leaders in sports who are paving the way for a better future for our planet and our society.”



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