Stephan Lerch gibt Anweisungen während einer Trainingseinheit in Portugal.

“The team have worked very well”

VfL Women head coach Stephan Lerch offers a positive training camp review.

Stephan Lerch gibt Anweisungen während einer Trainingseinheit in Portugal.

After an intense training camp in the Portuguese Algarve, Lerch was positive as he gave his assessment in an interview. The weather may not have been as good as usual, but the Green-and-Whites were still able to get through plenty of work in Portugal.

Stephan Lerch, what’s your opinion of these 12 days of intensive work?

Stephan Lerch: “The weather was not in our favour as much as in recent years, but we were able to prepare for the tasks ahead in a very concentrated and focused way here. The team have worked very well, so we can go into the final phase of our preparations with optimism.”

What did you learn from the 1-1 draw against FC Twente and the 5-0 win over 1. FFC Frankfurt?

Lerch: “We’ve seen a development that started on the first day after the winter break and was continued in both of those games. Our tactical work in particular does not just take place on the pitch but also in many team meetings. The players have been very open and proactive. We all know we need to take it up a notch in the second half of the season because the games aren’t going to get any easier. Even after the match at Hoffenheim, it will still be a case of refining things and working on ourselves.”

You’re challenging for silverware in three competitions over the coming weeks and months. Have you discussed concrete targets with the team while you’ve been here?

Lerch: “Of course, every player who plays for VfL Wolfsburg strives for maximum success, but you don’t have to talk about that every day. It’s better to take each games as it comes, as banal as that sounds. Obviously the Champions League is our big dream. In the league – for me the most truthful competition – we want to hold onto our current position, and the cup final in Cologne is a special event every year. It’s always nice to be there. There are no priorities with these competitions, though. One thing’s for sure: we can achieve a lot again this year!”



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