Die Spieler des VfL Wolfsburg rundum Renato Steffen jubeln.
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“Proud of the team”

Renato Steffen discusses a potential comeback, his recovery from injury and the season finale.

Die Spieler des VfL Wolfsburg rundum Renato Steffen jubeln.

Renato Steffen suffered an ankle injury away to Hoffenheim at the beginning of March, and it quickly became apparent that the versatile midfielder would be sidelined for a while.

The Swiss attacker has been working on making his comeback ever since, and here he talks about possibly making an appearance before the end of the season, how his rehabilitation has gone, and the Wolves’ chances of qualifying for the UEFA Champions League.

Renato, how are you? How has your rehabilitation been going?

Renato Steffen: “It’s going very well and I’m right on schedule. With injuries like this it’s always decisive to see how the foot reacts, or how the next training session is. Right now though, things are progressing very positively.”

Will we see you back out on the pitch again this season?

Steffen: “I think that’s a realistic aim for me. There are only three games left, but I want to play again and hope that I can.”

You recently talked about this being one of the worst injuries of your career. What have you learned from your time on the sidelines?

Steffen: “I have to admit that the last few weeks have flown by. I approached things calmly and did everything I possibly could. I’m fortunate to have my family’s support and that’s something very important for me. I’ve learned to stay calm, to take one step at a time and to only do what the injury allows you to do at that moment. I’ve also tried to have some fun with it. I’d wanted to bulk up a bit anyway (laughs), so I’ve been happy to do all the work in the gym.”

We’re into the home straight of the season with just three games left. How do you assess the Wolves’ chances of qualifying for the Champions League?

Steffen: “We’ve got matters in our own hands. Obviously our lead has been reduced a little, but we’re still in third place. The matches will be tough, so now we have to just play football without thinking about things too much. It doesn’t always have to be spectacular – what matters is picking up points. If we can keep that in mind then I’m really confident we’ll do it.”

If someone had told you at the start of the season that you would be in the race for Champions League qualification, would you have thought it possible?

Steffen: “I knew what this team is capable of and that we had the quality in the side to qualify for Europe. The way we’ve played up until now this season has been fantastic and goes to show what we can do. I’m really proud of the team.”



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