Bruno Labbadia motiviert sein Team von der Seitenline aus, klatscht in die Hände.
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“Proud of how we came back”

The thoughts of the coaches following the 2-2 draw between VfL Wolfsburg and Hertha BSC.

Bruno Labbadia motiviert sein Team von der Seitenline aus, klatscht in die Hände.

A dramatic match of “brutal intensity” between the Wolves and the Berliners ended in a 2-2 draw on Saturday. In the end, both teams could be satisfied with the point, although Hertha coach Pal Dardai was not happy about the decision for the penalty that led to VfL’s first equaliser. Meanwhile, his counterpart Bruno Labbadia was impressed by his side’s performance and especially the character they showed.

Bruno Labbadia: “It was enjoyable to watch us, particularly in the first half. It was a clash between two different styles of football. Credit to Hertha for how well drilled they are, how they use the space and how difficult they are to overcome. I think we played brilliantly in the first half – we passed the ball around well and our movement and transitional play were good. However, you could see that they remained composed, which is a particular quality of Hertha’s. I’m really pleased and proud of how we came back twice – and it was more than deserved. We’re happy with the point but could also have got all three. We can be pleased with seven points from three games. We’ll take that, along with the knowledge that we can respond to going behind with long balls and not just good football. Sometimes you need to go more direct. As a football fan, I enjoyed watching two teams with such brutal intensity.”

Pal Dardai: “Both teams can be pleased with an attractive Bundesliga game and a point apiece. In the first half, Wolfsburg played with high tempo in possession but we dealt with it well and stood firm. When we got the opportunities, we were always able to create good openings. Then we took the lead in the second half and just as Wolfsburg were starting to open up, they got a penalty decision, which in my view wasn’t a foul. Such is life, but that moment lifted Wolfsburg and the crowd. Then we scored a clever goal from Ondrej Duda – that’s why we call him ‘number 10’, he’s a smart lad – and went 2-1 up. As a coach and former player, though, I knew the game wasn’t over. Considering that Rune Jarstein had to make a number of good saves, I have to say we’re satisfied with seven points and being in the next round of the cup.”



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