Marecl Schäfer sitzt auf der Trainerbank des VfL Wolfsburg.
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Optimised seating comfort

Faurecia supply new coaches’ and substitutes’ benches at the Volkswagen Arena.

Marecl Schäfer sitzt auf der Trainerbank des VfL Wolfsburg.

Being a benchwarmer is no fun for any footballer, but at least it’s comfortable for the Wolves’ substitutes: continuing a long-standing tradition, VfL Wolfsburg have now installed new coaches’ and substitutes’ benches from the company Faurecia at the Volkswagen Arena. The heated seats, featuring the Faurecia logo on the headrests, offer a variety of adjustment options and are a modified model of those found in the current Volkswagen Touareg.

Long-term partnership

Faurecia and VfL have enjoyed a long-standing partnership. The French company, which will relocate its German headquarters to Hanover this year, is one of the world's leading automotive suppliers. In 2009 they supported the Green-and-Whites with custom-made seats based on the Volkswagen Scirocco. Furthermore, they also produced the business and box seats for the lower tier of the main stand at the Volkswagen Arena, and provided the team benches at the AOK Stadion.

“We are very pleased that we are once again able to equip the Volkswagen Arena with the coaches' and substitutes' benches, and hope that VfL will continue to play football as successfully as we have worked together over many years,” said Thorsten Muschal, a member of the Faurecia management board.



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