VfL manager Wolfgang Hotze and You Yuanrong from the Ministery of Sport and Culture in Nanhai.
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New partnership in China

Wolfsburg‘s twin-town Nanhai cooperating with VfL.

VfL manager Wolfgang Hotze and You Yuanrong from the Ministery of Sport and Culture in Nanhai.

On Friday, June 29th, the City of Wolfsburg, VfL Wolfsburg and the Chinese town of Nanhai sealed a future cooperation in a typical Chinese signing-ceremony in the Volkswagen Arena. The event took place within the framework of the 80th birthday of the city of Wolfsburg. Along with Lord Mayor Klaus Mohrs and VfL manager Wolfgang Hotze, You Yuanrong from the Ministery of Sport and Culture in Nanhai participated in the ceremony.

Focus on youth development

Over a million people populate Wolfsburg’s twin-town Nanhai, which is a borough of the province Guangdong in the south of China. As part of the partnership between Wolfsburg and Nanhai, a collaboration in the areas of culture, economy and sport was agreed. Here VfL will support Nanhai as a partner in developing a sustainable youth policy for football. Integral components of the know-how transfer will be extensive coaching education and instruction in the successful 'Train the Trainer' programme, as well as the implementation of football-camps in cooperation with the VfL School of Football. In addition, experts from VfL will operate as consultants in developing concepts for youth development on location and thus drive sustainable youth development in the region forward. The project will be developed further over the coming years and a long-term collaboration is planned.

City-friendship and football passion

"In signing this memorandum, the cooperation with our twin-town of Nanhai will be further intensified and deepened, which is a win-win situation for both cities – raising the level of the city-friendship beyond cultural aspects and filling it with life. Through the support of an array of partners, we hope to further expand our good relationship with China," explained Lord Mayor Klaus Mors. For the partner VfL Wolfsburg, this cooperation is a part of the extensive operations of the Green-Whites in China. VfL manager Wolfgang Hotze stated his joy: That VfL can play its part in the city-friendship between Wolfsburg and Nanhai. As a club, we are very much looking forward to this collaboration, as there is great passion for football in that region. We firmly believe that our concept can encourage a lasting youth-development programme on location." You Yuanrong considers the cooperation with VfL to be an enrichment of the city-friendship and hopes to see new impulses set in Nanhai’s football: "Through the cooperation with VfL Wolfsburg, we want to provide better vocational training for our coaches, learn advanced training methods and increase the standard of our youth-work."



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