Madelen Janogy konzentriert auf dem Trainingsplatz.

“It’s very intense here”

Madelen Janogy discusses her first few weeks as part of the VfL Women’s team.

Madelen Janogy konzentriert auf dem Trainingsplatz.

Janogy took the number of Swedes in the She-Wolves’ pack to three at the start of the year when she signed on with the five-time German champions from Pitea IF, joining compatriots Hedvig Lindahl and Fridolina Rolfö, who arrived at the club at the start of the season.

The 24-year-old is currently in Portugal with her teammates as they prepare for the second half of the campaign at the side’s winter training camp in the Algarve. Here she reflects on settling in Wolfsburg and the things she still has to get used to after arriving in Germany.

Madelen, you’ve been at Wolfsburg for three weeks now. How are you settling in?

Madelen Janogy: “The time has flown by and I’m getting my bearings more and more each day. I’m very happy that the team welcomed me so warmly.”

Did it help that you already knew two of your teammates, Lindahl and Rolfö, from the Sweden national side?

Madelen: “Yes, it helped a lot. It’s been very helpful having two colleagues in the team who speak my language. And I’m staying with Fridolina until I can move into my flat, which is something I’m also very grateful for. Frido and Hedvig are settled in Germany and know what it’s like, so I can only benefit from their experiences.”

Until now you’ve only ever lived and played football in Sweden. Are there things you need to get used to in Germany?

Madelen: “There are a few things. It was new for me that it gets light here in the morning in winter – in Sweden, especially in the north, it’s dark almost all day at this time of year. And the shops are shut in Germany on Sundays, which was also something I hadn’t experienced before.”

And what about the differences in terms of training?

Madelen: “It’s just very intense here and you need to give 100 per cent in every drill, starting with the warm-up. You always need to be completely focused. It wasn’t quite as extreme as that in Sweden, but that’s obviously because there are so many outstanding players at VfL.”

You’re a versatile player who can operate in a number of attacking positions. What do you see as your strengths?

Madelen: “I’m left-footed and have played on the left for the majority of my career. I feel comfortable there, but sometimes I play on the right for Sweden and we occasionally switch it up during a game. So I can play on either wing.”

Even though you played in the first round of the current UEFA Women’s Champions League campaign with your former club Pitea IF, you can still play for VfL in the competition this season thanks to a rule change. What do you make of the team’s chances in Europe?

Madelen: “I’m very happy that I’ll be able to play for Wolfsburg in the Champions League – the rule change came at the right time. And when I look at the amount of quality in our squad then I’m very optimistic in terms of our chances of success. We can win everything if we fulfil our potential out on the pitch. And I’m delighted to be a part of this team.”



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