Die Spieler des VfL Wolfsburg Arnold und Mehmedi jubeln und umarmen sich.
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“Give everything we’ve got!”

An interview with Maximilian Arnold ahead of the meeting with Borussia Dortmund.

Die Spieler des VfL Wolfsburg Arnold und Mehmedi jubeln und umarmen sich.

VfL Wolfsburg finish off a busy week of fixtures with a home match against Borussia Dortmund on Saturday 24 April (kick-off 15:30 CEST). Maximilian Arnold gives his thoughts on the top-of-the-table clash.

How important was the 3-1 win in Stuttgart?

Arnold: “After the two defeats in Frankfurt and against Bayern it was very, very important for us to show a reaction in Stuttgart. I think we were very efficient in that match and we also defended really well. The game against Dortmund will be important, to say the least. Obviously if we’re in third place now, we want to stay there.”

You lost against two high-flying teams in Frankfurt and Bayern. What do VfL need to do better in order to beat the next big side, Dortmund?

Arnold: “If we perform to 100 per cent then we’re very difficult to beat, I think. But if we don’t do that, it’ll be very difficult. We’ve conceded seven goals in the last two games, having only let in three in the 11 matches before then, so we’ve obviously conceded too many. A lot of that is down to the quality of the opposition, of course. Frankfurt are in fourth place and Bayern are top. They’re very good teams and it’s not easy to pick up points against them. You need to have a very good day in which everything comes together.”

Dortmund are a direct rival for the UEFA Champions League qualifying places. How decisive do you think this match will be, considering there are just three rounds of fixtures afterwards?

Arnold: “It’s a very important match. We’ll need to be aggressive, mentally calm and just ready to win at all costs. The victory in Stuttgart has given us a boost. Against Dortmund we’ll just have to give it everything we’ve got. If we can do that, we can win the game. Whether or not it’ll be decisive [in terms of finishing in the top four] is irrelevant for now. We’ll still have three more games to play first. If we’re still in third place after Matchday 34 then it’s all good.”



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