Die Wölfinnen des VfL Wolfsburg trainieren an der Koordinationsleiter.

First trip to Kosovo

VfL Ladies to launch their Champions League campaign away to KFF Mitrovica.

Die Wölfinnen des VfL Wolfsburg trainieren an der Koordinationsleiter.

Four days after opening their DFB Cup campaign with a 2-0 win at SV Berghofen, VfL Wolfsburg’s women’s team will now turn their attention to the international stage and the Round of 32 of the UEFA Women’s Champions League. The two-time champions will face Kosovan league winners KFF Mitrovica on Wednesday 11 September (kick-off: 18:00 CEST).

"We want to register a good win"

At the pre-match press conference, coach Stephan Lerch spoke about…

…the destination: I always find getting to know a country pretty interesting. In my first season as co-coach we played the opening round in Serbia, last year it was Iceland and now I’m off to Kosovo for the first time. Away trips like this are always great experiences.

…their opponents: Mitrovica are tough to evaluate. We’ve mainly watched their Champions League qualifiers, where they played stronger teams than they’re used to facing domestically. I think that they’ll stay very solid and try to cut down the space that we have. Whether they’re physically capable of doing that for the 90 minutes remains to be seen.

…what they want to get out of the match: We want to register a good win – not like the 1-0 we got last year in Iceland. First and foremost, we need to put ourselves in a good position for the return leg, but we need to do more than that. At the beginning of a season, matches like these are a good opportunity for the team to progress and to take it to the next level as a group. A good win will also give us a lot of confidence for the matches around the corner. The aim is to score some well-worked goals and to feel good about ourselves ahead of our next Bundesliga match against Hoffenheim.



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