VfL-Helfer vor der Akademie nach der Maskenausgabe.
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“Completely overwhelmed”

VfL home-made masks snapped up in no time.

VfL-Helfer vor der Akademie nach der Maskenausgabe.

A voluntary campaign by staff fan club ‘Green-White Kollegas’ to make VfL-branded masks out of old VfL bedsheets has been a resounding success. The members of the fan club provided the necessary material themselves and helped with the laborious task of cutting it all up. The ‘Green-White Kollegas’ also took care of the hard-working seamstresses and brought the ‘Wolfsburger Elfen helfen’ (‘Wolfsburg elves help’) club on board, with the result being that 3,000 masks were made in a no time at all.

Proceeds go to ‘Wolfsburger Elfen helfen’

The green and white masks were distributed from 10 am on 17 and 20 April at the VfL football academy. There were 1,500 home-made masks available on each day, which were given out to Wolfsburg residents in return for a voluntary donation of an amount of their choice. All proceeds will go to the ‘Wolfsburger Elfen helfen’ so that they can carry out further charitable activities. “We’ve been completely overwhelmed by the demand. We never imagined such a high need at the beginning,” said Björn Ferneschild, who works as an educator at VfL Wolfsburg and is a member of the ‘Green-White Kollegas’.

Fresh supply planned, help wanted

After wearing masks was made compulsory in shops, doctor’s practices and hospitals as well as on buses, taxis and all public buildings in Wolfsburg, the demand for home-made masks is huge, and in order to meet this need, the Wolves have decided to go ahead and produce more.



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