Die Wölfinnen Schult, Poppp, Svava und Blomqvist jubeln auf dem Spielfeld.

Comebacks and newcomers

Several She-Wolves caught the eye during the friendly with Eintracht Frankfurt.

Die Wölfinnen Schult, Poppp, Svava und Blomqvist jubeln auf dem Spielfeld.

VfL Women won the first of two friendlies against Eintracht Frankfurt 3-2 on Wednesday. Head coach Stephan Lerch reserved a special mention for Almuth Schult (long maternity leave), Alexandra Popp (long-term injury) and new signings Sofie Svava and Rebecka Blomqvist in his post-match analysis:

Almuth Schult: “She exuded presence and tried to offer her teammates advice. She was also on her toes in the one-on-one situation in the first half, but you could tell that she hasn’t played in a while and is still lacking the required match practice. There’s definitely room for improvement when it comes to finding solutions in the build-up play and executing them quickly, but she’ll get the hang of that again too. I think it was a nice feeling for her to be back on the pitch again.”

Alexandra Popp: “We deliberately let her play 90 minutes because she needs that time on the pitch to find her rhythm. You could tell at the end that there’s still room for improvement, but apart from that I thought she was able to make her mark on several occasions – although not every ball found its intended recipient. But that’s also perfectly normal when you’ve been out for a long time. The fact that she was able to find the net straight away will certainly have given her a good feeling. She also issued a lot of instructions.”

Sofie Svava: “You could see that she’s definitely heading in the right direction. She made a lot of deep runs and one or two crosses into the penalty area. She was very lively in attack. I sometimes wish she made herself available more in build-up play, but that too will come. She’s obviously got to absorb a lot of information at the moment. There’s never a moment’s peace.”

Rebecka Blomqvist: “She’s obviously been with us since the beginning of December. You can tell that she’s very committed and making a lot of runs, but she’s just as good with her back to goal. She knows where the goal is, even though she hasn’t managed to score yet. That too will come in time. She’s certain to become more integrated as time goes on, but the first impression was definitely a positive one.”

The She-Wolves face Eintracht Frankfurt in another friendly on Saturday (kick-off 13:00 CET, live on Wölfe TV).



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