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“Carry on as we are”

An interview with VfL sporting director Marcel Schäfer.

Things are hotting up as the season enters the business end, which promises to be more exciting than it has been for a long time. The Wolves have been in dazzling form for weeks and currently have high hopes of securing a Champions League place. In this interview, sporting director Marcel Schäfer explains what it will come down to in the crucial weeks of the campaign.

Marcel Schäfer, what are this team made of at the moment? How do you assess the performances over recent months?

Marcel Schäfer: “The team embody the values of the club very well: work, football and passion. They work as a collective both defensively and offensively. It’s hard to play against VfL at the moment because, for one, we’re very compact. We’ve got a lot of confidence now, we believe in our strengths and that’s why we’ve put ourselves in a very good position for the remaining matches.”

How do you feel when you look at the table?

Schäfer: “It’s obviously a nice feeling. We should carry on exactly as we are with our discipline, our focus and our desire, and then we can achieve something great.”

The season is entering its final stretch, when outcomes are determined. What are the objectives for the upcoming run-in?

Schäfer: “We must continue to really focus on our tasks. We know we’re coming up against a lot of good teams in the run-in. We need to make the most of the confidence that we’ve now gained. We’d be wise to take it one game at a time and therefore the focus is very much on our next match against 1. FC Köln.”

You must also be busy with personnel planning for next season. Perhaps you can tell us what you’re working on here.

Schäfer: “We always strive to strengthen the team piece by piece. Regardless of how the season ends, we’ll continue to focus on highly talented, young and hungry players who have potential for development. We want to do that again this summer. But of course we have great confidence in our current squad, which the team have earned with their performances, so we see no reason for a big overhaul.”



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