Ein Bild von hintereinander angereihten Nike-Bällen.
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Called off

The Premier League International Cup will not resume.

Ein Bild von hintereinander angereihten Nike-Bällen.

This season’s Premier League International Cup has been cancelled, the organisers of the international tournament for Under-23 teams announced on Wednesday. The VfL development squad reached the quarter-finals of the competition for the first time this season, but this will no longer be played. The team, which comprises players from the U23, U19 and U17 sides, was due to take on Liverpool in England, but the match cannot take place due to the heightened travel risks associated with the coronavirus.

Wolves undefeated

Wolfsburg qualified for the last eight following a perfect group stage, in which Ton Lokhoff’s side beat Valencia II (4-0), West Ham United U23 (3-2) and Brighton & Hove Albion U23 (3-2).



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